BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Hot New Tayla Video for ‘Coming Back Around’

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Her debut single “Call Me Danger” won her accolades from the likes of Dazed and the NY Times – and London’s ES Magazine boldly branded Tayla, “Pop’s most audacious new star.”

Now BlackBook premieres the hyper-sensory video (directed by Xiphi) for the brassy, brazen follow-up single by the Birmingham firebrand, appropriately titled “Coming Back Around.” It features speeding, tricked out cars and swooping fighter jets…and, of course, a taking-no-shit Tayla, demanding nothing less that total respect: “When you’re talking to my face / You speak politely” and “All the money in the world can never buy me” she spits with impressive skill and determination.

“’Coming Back Around’ is pretty much about avoiding bad vibes,” she explains, “and bad people that want to fuck you over when things are going good for you. Some people always seem to keep on ‘coming back around’ like a blue bottle fly that you can’t quite kill.”

Consider that fly decisively swatted.