BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: ‘Hiccups,’ First Track From Waters’ Forthcoming Album

Though based in Los Angeles, former Port O’Brien frontman Van Pierszalowski hauled himself all the way to Oslo in 2011 after his band’s breakup. There he birthed the new project Waters, whose new record, Something More!, is coming…around May?

In the meantime, they’re teasing with the exuberant new single “Hiccups” – which has a Weezer-ish sort of power-pop sneer, but with Beatlesy melodies and atmospherics. It apparently was borne of a not-very-good-time for its author.

“It’s been a brutal 12 months,” Pierszalowski confesses. “It’s also been the perfect time to make a rock and roll record. The songs on Something More! reflect the anxieties, claustrophobia and subsequent drive for meaning in a time of personal and global crisis. Despite all that, or really because of it, we wanted to make a fun record – to embrace the fuck-ups along the way as part of the struggle.”

BlackBook premieres the very philosophical song here.


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