BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Haunting Video for LEA’s Cover of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Dream Brother’


Hard to believe, but it’s been more than twenty years since Jeff Buckley’s mysterious, accidental drowning in the Mississippi River in 1997. Since then, no small number of artists have attempted to interpret his rarefied compositions, some obviously with more success than others.

One such success is the just released cover of his haunting “Dream Brother” by Brooklyn songstress LEA –  the Kelly Cappelli directed video for which BlackBook premieres here. The sultry singer (born Lea Cappelli) is known for marrying jazz, synth-pop and trip-hop influences – and that unique aesthetic manifesto sees her transforming Buckley’s enigmatic, Eastern-tinged song into something decidedly more lush, suggestive and breathtakingly dramatic.

“Buckley’s timelessly haunting voice, layered lyrics, and gorgeous bitterness have stuck with me over my many years as an artist,” she explains. “I chose this song an ode to his life and tragic death, and gave it a simple yet striking visual as my gift to those who love him as much as I have. The last line of the song is a devastatingly stunning sendoff to a beloved man: ‘asleep in the sand, with the ocean washing over.'”

The follow up to her debut EP Fever Dream will be released in the coming months.


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