BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Haunting New Single ‘Eyes’ by D.C. Synth Duo NUEX


“I wrote this song about an all-knowing consciousness, like God.”

So says Camille Michelle Gray, vocalist for visceral D.C. synth-pop duo NUEX, of their haunting new single “Eyes” – which BlackBook premieres here. The pair – Gray and drummer-producer Teddy Aitkins – have been amassing considerable attention along the Northeast Corridor with their stirring live performances these last few years, culminating in a late 2017 appearance at the capital’s Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

The track itself, with its dramatically mournful (synthesized) orchestrations, recalls New Order at their most somber – but with a cool Teutonic sheen that reminds of the likes of Ladytron or Cold Cave. Lyrically, the song riffs cleverly on contemporary surveillance metaphors: “I got eyes on you / I got spies on you / Nothing you can do, nothing you can do.” (Best to keep dancing, then – and try not to look over your shoulder.)

“I had a particular person in mind,” Gray elaborates. “This song plays around with my own dark God complex, as well as touches base with the all-knowing powers that be that watch and protect us all.”

Their debut EP, Affectus, will be released May 25.



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