BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Haunting New Sam Valdez Track ‘Hours’

LA indie-folk songstress Sam Valdez is going to be breaking a lot of hearts. Indeed, her enigmatic presence and almost gossamer vocal delivery make it almost impossible not to find oneself immediately captivated by her.

To wit, the stunning, haunted ballad “Hours,” which BlackBook premieres here. Evocative lines like “My head’s on your chest / With your lit cigarette” and “Now we’re lost in a perfect haze at midnight” convey a sort of together-but-lonely emotional desolation. And with its bluesy but lush, neo-noir musical backdrop, it recalls the likes of Lana Del Rey, Leonard Cohen and (David Lynch muse) Chrysta Bell.

“This song is about the hold loss can have on us,” Valdez opens up, “while simultaneously being in love with someone who shares a similar experience. I wanted ‘Hours’ to convey the feeling of being aware of pain and the dependencies it can create, and learning to just give into it sometimes and then let it go.”

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until early 2018 for the release of her debut EP. But we’re quite sure we’ll be hearing more from this striking young talent in the meantime.


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