BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Haunting New ‘Golden Harvest’ Video From Helsinki’s Lone Deer Laredo


We’ve spent enough time in Finland to know that there is a singular sort of melancholy that pervades the air there – especially during winter. And our newest favorite Finnish band Lone Deer Laredo are a revelation, in that they somehow manage to sound soulfully Scandinavian, and yet hauntingly Lynchian at once.

The dreamy duo is comprised of New Silver Girl’s Olli Happonen, and ethereal vocalist Paolo Suhonen, founder of fashion house Ivana Helsinki. And BlackBook premiere’s here the intriguingly enigmatic video for their wistfully beautiful new single ‘Golden Harvest’ – which was actually filmed in the American Pacific Northwest, with all of the clothing supplied by her label.



“We shot this video on 16mm with this serious looking young Finnish girl in Redwoods, Oregon,” explains Suhonen. “There is a ghost girl in the story who cannot be reached by the storyteller due to Golden Harvest. It is also a song about the dreams that can only be incarnated on the silver screen.”

She reveals of the choice of location, “Redwoods has always been a magical place for me. It reminds me very much about ancient, endless forests that Finland is covered with – but with an Americana twist. It’s like our music, Americana mixed with Slavic and Nordic flavors.”

Lone Deer Laredo’s debut album Laredo (Vol. 1) is released today – and to celebrate, they will be doing a trio of shows this week at SXSW – including tonight’s special Finnish House Party.


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