BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Haunted New ASHRR Video For ‘All Yours All Mine (Darker Days Mix)’

 Photo by Jeff Forney


For all the positive vibes, wheat germ colonics, and celebrity yoga retreats, La La Land has always had a particularly dark underbelly.

If you don’t believe us, it has been astutely documented: John Fante, and his literary progeny Charles Bukowski, gave us reports from skid row; Christopher Isherwood and Brett Easton Ellis modern tales of drug fueled depravity and homosexual longing. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, David Lynch was always good for a reminder – i.e. Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway.

And of course, music, well…X and Jane’s Addiction.

ASHRR, an Los Angeles trio from the musical school of black-clad ennui, are continuing decisively down that line with their new single “All Yours All Mine,” a sinister synth and bass driven rumination on the existential sense of self.



“The song deals with confrontation of self and social anxiety,” offers singer Steven Davis. “We have no better foil than ourselves.”

The band have just released an exhilarating Darker Days Mix remix of the track, for which BlackBook premieres here the accompanying new Keith Musil directed video. It follows a solitary figure at home, who soon discovers himself haunted by doppelgangers, and it perfectly synchronizes with the unnerving nature of the song.

Davis continues, “The video’s about wrestling with yourself or different versions of how you perceive yourself.”

We’ve definitely done that.

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