BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Groovy New Freedom Fry Single ‘Strange Attraction’

Image by Michelle Shiers


Their name may have you thinking it’s 2003; but the LA duo (guitarist Bruce Driscoll and Parisian-born vocalist Marie Seyrat) going by the moniker Freedom Fry actually formed in 2011.  Yet it was in 2015, when a cover of Britney’s “Oops… I Did it Again” made it into an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, that they genuinely achieved a greater public consciousness.

Their music has since been featured in fashion campaigns for the likes of ASOS and Madewell.

Rather prolific, their newest EP Strange Attraction is due out September 7. In the lead up, BlackBook premieres here the single of the same name. It features an alluring, languidly sexy groove – insouciant disco, if you will…recalling the likes of Pet Shop Boys and The Rapture.

And in the wake of Trump’s abhorrent proposed ban on transgender military personnel, the song’s message could not be more timely, with its benevolent lyrics like, “A strange attraction to it all / ‘Cause I’m in love with everything and every one” embracing inclusion in a most unconditional way.

“It’s 2017, you should be able to love whomever you want,” insists Seyrat. “We wanted to put that feeling of freedom in a song. [And musically] we were listening to the Bee Gees a lot, and our goal was to record the song in a way that would make you want to move.”

Mission accomplished.

N.B. Freedom Fry will be appearing live at LA’s Echo Park Rising festival August 18.


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