BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Gracie and Rachel’s Stunning Cover of Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’


Photo by Nicole Bergman & Dominic White

The name sounds more like a hip sitcom. But Gracie and Rachel are actually a self-described “orchestral pop” duo from BKNY (by way of California) – and lord knows we can’t resist cool chicks with classical inclinations.

You’ll fall hard for them, too – especially upon first listen to their powerful cover of Sia’s “Elastic Heart,” which BlackBook premieres here. Where the original was big, anthemic (and was accompanied by that really weird Shia Labeouf video), Gracie and Rachel instead give it an expressionistic gentleness, with a pensive rhythm and lush dramatic strings, yet every bit as much defiant self-possession.

“We first approached this song,” Rachel explains, “with the idea of stripping down its parts and honoring its message in a ballad-style composition; this led to a sparse yet hopefully bold production where the music and lyrics can breathe synonymously together. ”

Reminding of such monumental balladeers as Kate Bush and Antony, you’ll be hard pressed to not feel a visceral chill at the affective mantra of “I won’t give up, I won’t.”

“It’s a song that moves us in its fierce empowerment to bounce back from what brings you down,” says Gracie. “To underscore that drive, we wanted to deliver this music with intimately powerful moments, in an effort to remind ourselves that each of us has the strength within to own the heart we want to own.”

Ne’er truer words.

(N.B.  Gracie and Rachel play Montreal and Toronto this Thursday and Friday evening, before embarking on a US tour that takes them from Chicago on Saturday to Sellersville, PA on October 28. Their debut album is out now.)


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