BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Gloriously Exuberant New Salt Cathedral Single ‘Rude Boy’

Photo by Amber Rana


It’s hard not to be excited about the cultural buzz out of Central and South America these days, from Mexico City to Lima to Cartagena – the latter a particular fave of this publication.

And speaking of Colombia…we’re also loving the rather dramatically monikered Salt Cathedral – aka Juli and Nico, two utterly singular talents from Bogotá, who met at the Berklee College of Music. They’ve been making music since 2013, with their self-titled EP (released that year) and 2014’s Oom Velt EP gaining them a considerable cult following. Pitchfork has described their music as “immediate and cool.”



Now signed to Ultra, BlackBook premieres here their exuberant new single “Rude Boy” – which we dare you to not be completely swept up into. Indeed, with its inimitable Latin-meets-Caribbean vibes, ridiculously infectious grooves and Juli’s sultry but beguiling vocals (not to mention her totally fabulous fashion sense), it’s a spirited, nay glorious antidote to all the negativity dragging us down these days.

“We’ve been very inspired by the new Latino sounds that are taking over the world,” explains Nico, “and how vibrant and electric they make everyone feel. This song is about wanting to feel that way. At times we lose our ground, but ultimately we all want to be fulfilled and happy.”

This is surely a great start.




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