BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Glassio’s Exuberant New Single ‘Papaya’

It’s been a rough week for humanity, and specifically Americans, who were treated to the particularly repulsive sight of a foul-mouthed blob of testosterone calling himself the new White House Communications Director. But the week ends on a joyful note, with the appalling Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare lying dead on the Senate floor – and we’re ready to celebrate.

So what better way to jumpstart the weekend than with Glassio‘s supremely groovy and exuberant new single “Papaya”? (Which BlackBook premieres here.) Indeed, with its seductive disco groove, fat synths, lush atmospherics and sensual, spiritually-charged lyrics (they rhyme “papaya” with “desire” – nice!), it’s practically a call to arms to shake off any vestiges of cynicism and despair and search for something better.

“Papaya is our modern take on the Garden of Eden,” says Sam Radseresht, who, along with Charles Pinel, make up the NYC production duo that is Glassio, “except this story is about being okay with leaving – because maybe the garden isn’t such a wonderful place, and it’s okay to be outside of it.”

And to be sure, Eden is where you happen find it.



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