BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Gigi Rowe x NATIIVE’s Opulent New Single ‘Lost in Each Other’



As Laura Warshauer, she was palling around with Prince William and Kate, counting Jay-Z amongst her fans, and winning awards for her songwriting.

But somewhere along the way, real life apparently just wasn’t enough anymore. So she decamped to Miami, stocked up Madonna and Cyndi Lauper records, and exchanged all her black clothing for pink/dayglo. Of course, an exceedingly new identity needs a corresponding new name…and so she became Gigi Rowe.

As Gigi, we were particularly taken with her 2017 cover of “Dancing in the Dark.” And now she’s showing off her own way with a compelling tune, with her lavish new single “Lost in Each Other,” which BlackBook premieres here. The track, a collab with L.A. electronic producer NATIIVE, is a lush, atmospheric stunner – think Bryan Ferry – fattened up with chunky bass synths, and imbued with emotionally dramatic choruses.



It’s also an unapologetic ode to being madly in love…with the wrong person.

“’Lost In Each Other’ is about wanting someone who’s completely wrong,” Gigi explains, “but you’re all there for it anyway. And in the moment, it’s like pure magic. It’s about the rush of the experience, the immediacy of what it’s like to be immersed in it. But there’s also perspective, knowing that it’s not something that’s going to last. It’s dreamy but dark, intimate yet epic. I love the soundscape that NATIIVE envisioned to enhance the emotion of the song.”

No album plans have been announced as of yet. But currently she’s in the studio with producers Nick Lee and Yuri Ryback.


Image by Jasmine Archie 
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