BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: French Duo Sacre’s Sexy New Single ’01:00AM PINK MAMBA’



With names like Hawaii and Sukil, the Amsterdam based duo Sacre (which translates, of course, to “sacred”) sound more like an Asian detective twosome. But the pair have been making cool, sexy electronic music since gliding onto the scene in 2017 – winning praise from the likes of Complex, Flaunt and Ladygunn.

We were intrigued by their latest single for its title alone. After all, wherever “01:00AM PINK MAMBA” is going on, we definitely want to be there. But with its fabulous retro-Franco-Teutonic aesthetic and sultry Euro groove, it comes on like Stereolab as reimagined by Dimitri From Paris.



If that weren’t enough, Sukil breathily recites intriguingly surreal couplets like “I’m the thief, I’m the snake / I’m the brain that you shake,” with an alluringly self-possessed aplomb.

“00:01AM PINK MAMBA is about women with a capital W,” she explains. “In the ‘Love Revolution‘ album narrative, our Pink Mamba is a waitress but she’s also a warrior.”

Love Revolution in fact, is their upcoming debut full length – and, yes, it’s a concept album.

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