BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: French 79’s Cool, Neon New Wave Video for ‘By Your Side’

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When making musique, Marseille Monsieur Simon Henner prefers you know him as French 79. And with three years having passed since his debut album Olympic, those who were charmed by his proggy sounding electronic compositions like “Between the Buttons” and “DDROPP” are understandably excited for the release of the follow up full length, Joshua, this November 8.

As a tantalizing preview of what to expect, he’s just released the cool electro stunner “By Your Side.” With Sarah Rebecca’s breathy, alluring vocal performance, and some very chunky ’80s synth riffs, it very much harkens back to the likes of Yazoo and Human League. The accompanying video, which BlackBook premieres here, nods to that same dazzling decade, with its neon ennui and Cold War intrigues / aesthetics.



“The video sticks to the story of the album,” Henner explains, “the notion of trajectory in a life: where we come from and where we go despite hardships. It is inspired by French movies from the ’80s and ’90s, like Bertrand Blier’s Evening Wear with Gerard Depardieu. It is nocturnal but very luminous, a bit supernatural.”

Or as singer Rebecca – who also stars in the clip – puts it, “The video is a neon fever dream that I never want to wake up from. It really catches the feeling of freedom through friendship and the lyrics and how we can strengthen the bonds of love.”

French 79 will play several European live dates between November and February, with stops in Berlin, London, Paris and at January’s Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Netherlands.

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