BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Extravagant New Blood and Glass Album ‘Punk Shadows’

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We hit the Montreal music scene whenever possible – as it’s never afraid to flaunt its more outré, sometimes seditionary inclinations.

One of our new faves is the flamboyant foursome Blood and Glass. Despite their rather dangerous sounding moniker, they’re actually more like some sort of subversive post-punk-pop circus, with outlandish frontwoman Lisa Moore coming on like an uninhibited cross between Nena Hagen and A Clockwork Orange.

Their new album, the intriguingly titled Punk Shadows (which BlackBook premiere’s here), is a fearless, madcap run through their utterly extravagant collective musical psyche. To wit, the oddball synth-pop of”Block of Ice” builds into a dissonant explosion of operatic metal; “Nowheresville” comes off like Cyndi Lauper genuinely losing her sanity; the glorious “Hop the Fence” is impossibly infectious new-wave calypso; and the title track layers an exuberant vocal over an alluring sonic intercontinentalism, that readily recalls Peter Gabriel.

Our favorite, “Chlorine Dreams,” is a spooky, evocative spoken word piece (“In came a hurricane of tears / Out came the vultures.”), which is best approached in an extremely calm state of mind.

Their live shows are beyond imagination and description – so it may be worth hopping a plane to Montreal to catch their record release gig at Cafe Cleopatra on the 21st. Look for us there.