BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Exhilarating New Emily Jackson Single ‘Ends of the Earth’

Images by Jamie Dack 



Perhaps poised to become a very young music sensation, a teenaged Emily Jackson passed on a big label contract to study acting at the prestigious CalArts. That career path did land her roles in the likes of Incarnate, House of Cards and God Friended Me – but eventually, music called the loudest, and she returned to her more sonic adventures.

Now she’s poised to release her debut EP, the dramatically titled Ends of the Earth – and BlackBook is proud to premiere the utterly exuberant first single and title track. There’s every indication her acting training has served her well, as there’s an evocative, cinematic quality to the music, with its breakneck beat and lush synths. And the massive choruses are nothing shy of histrionic, as she shouts unrestrainedly, “If you need me baby scream it out!”




“When I first wrote ‘Ends of the Earth’,” she recalls, “everyone kept asking me who I had written it about. I guess since the lyrics are so straightforward in a certain regard, and we still live in a largely heteronormative society, everyone just assumed it was about my love for a man. [But] it’s a love letter to my career. I’d do absolutely anything for her.”

We certainly wouldn’t bet against her.


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