BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Enigmatic Video for the New Anna Shoemaker Single ‘Too High’


Hailing from Philadelphia and now calling NYC home, Anna Shoemaker debuted with the EP East Side just this September – yet has already caught the attention of Billboard (who called her music “a blissful hybrid of indie pop, R&B and hip-hop”) and Steve Madden, who named her their Emerging Artist of the Year in 2017 – and on whose 5Towns Records that very EP was released.

Her new single “Too High” is all jittery beats, sultry atmospherics and Anna’s soulful vocals, lyrically telling a story of giving oneself over to burgeoning romance. Though she admits that doing so has not necessarily come naturally for her.

“I wrote this song when I was falling in love,” she explains. “I was so anxious trying to navigate the beginning of this relationship – I felt out of control trying to figure out if this person felt the same way as me. This song was really my way of telling myself it’s okay to lose control, it’s okay to let yourself fall in love or get ‘too high’ – because even if it turns to shit, you’re strong and you’ll build yourself back up again.”



The Tiffany Frances directed video, which BlackBook premieres here, shows Shoemaker rollerskating around a strangely gothic, almost haunted looking space.

“5Towns Records CEO Steve Feinberg and I came up with the idea for the skating thing,” she recalls, “which ended up being a little freaky because we filmed it in an old abandoned bank…with very uneven floors. We were able to pay friends in pizza and roller skates to be extras. Everyone was falling all over the place, it was pretty insane. But we purposefully chose not to fixate on someone as a romantic character in the video, because we wanted to make it less about a relationship and more about female identity, finding yourself, and being unapologetically who you are.”

And of the relationship with Steve Madden?

She enthuses, “I’ve been signed to 5Towns for about a year now, and it has been such a great experience. I really feel like I’m part of a family working with them and Steve Madden; it’s a lot more intimate and hands on than you would expect.”



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