BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Emmaline’s Sultry, Exuberant New Single ‘All My Sweetest Dreams’

Image by Edrece Stansberry 


Emmaline Campbell is a throwback in the best of all possible ways. Still just 21 years old, her soul seems to date back at least a century or so. And when she sings, comparisons are more likely to be made not to Lana Del Rey or Carly Rae but Anita O’Day and Billie Holiday.

A product of the rarefied confines of the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, she’s actually had a passion for jazz since childhood (her dad was a jazz pianist).

“I consider myself a jazz singer,” Emmaline says. “I have been singing jazz my entire life – I studied it and I think that there is a place for me in the jazz world. Whether my music is strictly jazz I cannot say and in fact, would rather not. To me jazz is art, not a set of rules.”



BlackBook proudly premieres here the first single from her upcoming debut EP, and “All My Sweetest Dreams” is as sweet and dreamy as the title suggests. With its sly, slow groove, fanciful guitar strumming, exuberant horn blasts, and Emmaline‘s sultry, intoxicating vocals, it’s a song to fall in love, and stay in love to. Though it’s actually lyrically about past loves.

“‘All My Sweetest Dreams’ was written from a place of reminiscing on the beauty in a past romantic relationship after it had ended,” she explains. “Not every relationship has to end in hate and bitterness, so writing this song was a bit of therapy for me – to remind myself that I can reflect on the good times.”

We could not agree more.

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