BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Emily Vaughn’s Stunning New Synth-Pop Single ‘Pieces’

Image by Justin Gilbert 


Despite sneaking in a bit under the radar, Emily Vaughn‘s “Dead 2 Me” single and video, released last month, clearly signaled a star in the making. Indeed, FADER said it, “makes dumping your BF or GF sound like the kindest, most uplifting thing you can do.”

And in anticipation of her upcoming debut EP Bitch Bops (subtlety is for suckers), today BlackBook premieres here the follow up single “Pieces.” Notably, it kicks things up a bit musically: a couple of minutes in, it abandons its sultry, languid grooves for retro, hi-NRG synth-disco, the likes of which would surely make even the Pet Shop Boys proud.

Emily’s lyrics, particularly striking considering she hasn’t clocked all that many years on this planet, exhibit a palpable, insightful world weariness. “Everybody wants a piece of me / And I’m running out of pieces,” she laments – sounding like she really, genuinely needs you to understand.

“‘Pieces’ comes from a place of giving so much of myself to someone that I had nothing left for me,” she confesses. “Zero energy remained, and I no longer felt like my true self. It’s a reminder to me that if I live at a pace that prioritizes others above my own mental, physical, and emotional health, I’ll run out of the pieces that make me…me.”

For our part, our only advice to her is, Don’t ever change.

N.B. Bitch Bops will be released April 26.

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