BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Eerie New Society of the Silver Cross Video for ‘The Mighty Factory of Death’

Image by Lucas Mobley



For us, World Goth Day has never been quite sufficient – after all, 24 hours is never really enough goth. Thus we’re always happy to give it at least another day or week’s extension.

And so it is that BlackBook premieres here the particularly eerie new video for “The Mighty Factory of Death” from those dark Seattle rockers Society of the Silver Cross (SotSC, if you will). Consisting primarily of Joe Reineke (formerly of The Meices and Alien Crime Syndicate) and life partner Karyn Gold-Reineke, their spiritual travels through India have left them crafting a musical manifesto that can perhaps best be described as “yogic metal.”



Indeed, on this track, Middle Eastern and Indian influences (nice harmonium) give further weight to their languid psychedelic hard rock, while the pair intone foreboding lyrics like, “When it’s time / Falling like the autumn leaves.” (Think: Dead Can Dance with rockist tendencies.) The accompanying video has a definite funereal quality, imaging a man watching images of his life passing before him as he prepares to be committed to the ground.

“The playful and childlike nature of the dollhouse allows for perspective and reflection without crossing into the macabre,” explains Karyn. “The video is steeped in metaphor throughout, and the scene sets the stage for the viewer to ‘observe the observer,’ or become consciously aware of the dramatic play which is life, watching someone watch their life flash in front of their eyes.”

SotSC‘s debut album debut album 1 Verse will be released June 28.

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