BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Eerie New neumodel Video For ‘Black Block’




In a world of division and extremes, there is no more timely an album as neumodel’s Rock, due out later this spring. Designed to offer a musical metaphor of two split beings, it is one half violence and one half love—separated by a one track line drawn down the middle titled “intro X,” that acts as the its axis of symmetry.

In the French Duo’s latest video for single “Black Block” (which BlackBook premieres here) they have created the yin to the yang of last month’s release “HAYAH.”  While that one showcased their attraction to nu- and industrial metal, “Black Block” instead offers a more dreamy, melancholic release, seemingly inspired by the likes Massive Attack and The xx.



As the songs relate to each other, the duo explains, “‘HAYAH’ [meaning in Hebrew to be, to become, and to serve] is a demonstration of strength. It is the symbol of globalization, of capitalism, or superficial’s superpower. Its opposite is ‘Black Block,’ ironically an admission of weakness and helplessness. We see from afar and from above the world’s violence around us, symbolized by the ‘Black Block’ utopia.”

French director Axel Morin, known for his work with Yves Saint Laurent, Apple and Nike, collaborated with the band to so strikingly visualize their musical concepts.


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