BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Dreamy New Single ‘Magpie’ From London’s Fassine

Image by Jimmy King



We’re not sure if anyone has confirmed it as an actual genre as yet, but London trio Fassine seem to have landed on a style that could only be described as psychedelic/dream-pop. To be sure, new single ‘Magpie’, which BlackBook premieres here, equally reminds of Stereolab, Lush and the Strawberry Alarm Clock, with its languid, spacey Teutonic/hallucinogenic atmospherics, and spooky, synthesized harpsichord.

Charismatic singer Sarah Palmer intones with a Siouxsie like coolness and aplomb, but her vocals are silky and elegant, as she lyrically admonishes a selfish, inequitable lover: “Some say its green / Some say its black / Your magpie heart takes / And it never gives back.”



“[It’s about] a magpie-type lover and all that comes with it,” she explains, “luring us in to the hope of a beautiful relationship. It’s as close as we could get to writing a pop song on this album.”

Said album is their upcoming third full length, titled Forge, which will be released March 27 via Trapped Animal. No Stateside tour plans have yet been announced, so those wishing to catch them live will have to hop the pond for one of a pair of April UK dates. We’re guessing it would be well worth it.


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