BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: ‘Dita Von Teese: A Musical Film featuring Sébastien Tellier’


At a time when everything we hold dear seems to be perpetually, crushingly under threat, our beloved Dita Von Teese continues to represent a glorious sense of freedom and possibility. One wonders, Is there anything she cannot do?

And indeed, 2018 brought with it the revelation that there is yet one more thing she cannot not do: record an album – one that is alive with her inimitable essentialness. Perfect timing, as right now…we need more Dita.

No surprise, her stunningly sensual, self-titled debut has already charted in Belgium and France, the latter’s capital something of spiritual home for her. Fittingly, it is a collaboration with the prolific Frenchman and musical genius Sébastien Tellier, who has had the privilege of counting her amongst his fans – and who decided to one day take it upon himself to write an entire album for her. In properly grand fashion, they have also created the unambiguously titled celluloid short Dita Von Teese: A Musical Film featuring Sebastien Tellier – which BlackBook premieres here.



Based around for of the songs on the record, director David Wilson (who has also worked with Arcade Fire), explains it thusly: “I knew this was an album which will never be toured, and so the task of capturing Dita and Sébastien together was an extra exciting prospect.”

Taking a cue from the album artwork, he fused the pastel 80s with classic 50s Hollywood, for an unmistakable final aesthetic that is 120% pure Dita. It is ethereal, whimsical, seductive, glamorous…and even a bit clever.

“One of my favorite parts of the script development,” Wilson enthuses, “was fusing an emotive, romantic imagery with Sébastien’s humor. The microscope, the drawing scene, the bubbles, the swing…all came from his brain. An inspired direction that both myself and Dita were all too happy to entertain.”

No surprise, stylist Jaqui Getty pulled from DVT’s personal collection…and it’s all worth seeing for the outfits alone.




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