BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Disquieting New Sanctuary Lakes Video For ‘The Long Fade Away’

Image by Jackson Dickie 


It’s an intriguing pairing, to be sure: Andrew Szekeres from Midnight Juggernauts, and Tim Hoey from Cut Copy, both Melbourne bands who have been significant participants/contributors to the post-Millennium new new wave. They are now collaborating under the moniker Sanctuary Lakes, and advance single “The Long Fade Away” certainly does not disappoint – though it’s admittedly nothing like one might have expected from them.

Indeed, with its “Space Oddity” intro (mellifluously strummed acoustic guitars, fluttery synths), it hints at something decidedly more introspective. It eventually settles aesthetically somewhere between a Cocteau Twins lament and Beatles psychedelia, at once both sonically widescreen and intimately, affectingly poignant.



The accompanying Christopher Hill and Jackson Dickie directed video, which BlackBook premieres here, shows the pair crossing a seemingly endless expanse of desert, looking rather hopeless about their situation. About three minutes in, they at last reach the ocean, walking straight into the waves until they disappear from sight – a rather unsettling image, that is nevertheless not necessarily what it seems.

“We wanted Sanctuary Lakes to sound like the entire record is submerged in water,” Hoey explains, “creating a feeling of comfort rather than distress. We worked with long time collaborators Chris and Jackson and set off down the coast of Victoria [Australia] in the middle of a heatwave and impending sandstorm to bring this vision to life.”

The duo’s self-titled debut album is out June 21 on Cutters Records, but is available now for pre-order.

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