BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Cool, Teutonic Remix of the New AMWIN Single ‘DeLorean’


Around the time of the release of her first single last year, AWMIN (Amanda Winberg) told Allure of the decision to dye her hair blue, “Just showing that you don’t really let the ideal form of beauty play a part in your life sends a message you’re very confident.”

Coming from a country – Sweden – that does indeed idealize a more classical conception of beauty, it decisively marked her out as someone to watch. Now back to being a blonde, the Swedish Idol runner-up injects all that confidence into her music, which, just three singles into her career, betrays a remarkable maturity.

One of those singles, “DeLorean,” is a jittery hip-hop track, with a fat groove, AMWIN’s icy cool voice, and lyrics that decry the immaturity of boys her own age – instead paying homage to Sinatra, James Dean, and “Leo DiCaprio in his prime.”



A new remix of the track, which BlackBook premieres here, enlists up-and-coming Aussie producer Alice Ivy – and it’s truly transformative. Indeed, she gives it a sleek, Teutonic makeover, the result coming off like Kraftwerk going all Euro-disco (as they have at times, of course).

“I really wanted a popping collab with a cool girl,” enthuses AMWIN. “It just kind of felt natural to go that way with this song. So when Alice Ivy wanted to do the remix, I just felt like ‘Yes of course, this is how it was meant to be.'”

Ivy conveys equal enthusiasm, stating, “The song has such a tremendous soundscape, I really enjoyed capturing its energy and taking it on a different sonic journey.”

AMWIN is currently at work on her debut, which will be released sometime in 2019 via UMG Sweden / Island UK / Dew Process.



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