BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Cool New Fujiya & Miyagi Video for ‘Impossible Objects of Desire’

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Fujiya & Miyagi aren’t actually Japanese – but rather are from Brighton, UK, and mostly influenced by German Krautrock.¬†This Anglo-Teutonic connection is genuinely evident on the infectious, Euro-iffic new single “Impossible Objects of Desire,” which opens with an icy Kraftwerkian synth riff, and adds the dispassionate vocals and melodic bass riffs so familiar to lovers of New Order.

Lyrically, it’s, curiously enough, a love song to…a vinyl record. (“I should listen to you more than I do.”)

“The song is a hymn to vinyl and the rush that music can provide,” offers vocalist David Best. “It loosely began as a homage to ¬†Bowie’s ‘Be My Wife’ Video, but then morphed into something else. The song is also about the physical and chemical reaction music has on the mind and body.”

The hyper-sensory video, which BlackBook premieres here, appropriately technofies the band in color-coded special effects.

Best explains, “To set the video in an environment that plays with the idea of physical space felt like a complementary way to present it. This is the last of three videos for our album all made by Bob Brown.”

The track is taken from their new self-titled EP, which was released in April. They’ll be doing several European festival dates, including Glastonbury on June 23.