BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Cleverly Conceptual Fabriq Video For Their Groovy New Single ‘Outside In’

Image by Dante Velasquez

Still fresh out of university, Daniel Dávila and Cooper Bell, now creatively paired up under the moniker Fabriq, first got the attention of the wider world when Billboard premiered the video for the super catchy single “Get Behind the Feeling.” Since then, the L.A. duo’s consistently engaging videos have wracked up more than 1.3 million views.

And today comes yet another video – which BlackBook premieres here – for the hook-laden new single “Outside In.” The song itself decisively harkens back to the best of ’80s soul-funk-pop, and could almost be mistaken for, say, Earth, Wind & Fire…with a little of that George Michael suaveness thrown in.

The Nicolas Wendl directed video also draws on that glittering era, with lots of quick cuts, and the pair camping it up against a whited-out backdrop.



“The concept for the video,” explains Dávila, “is that a quiet lonely guy gets transformed by the story of another’s escapades. The performer shares a story about being bold and taking someone home, and transforms the loner into something far more formidable and funky.”

Bell continues, “We wanted to play with the idea of outside in and inside out, and use the TV as a portal into each others’ worlds. The TV in this case is the Fabriq between the audience and the performer.  In the beginning, Daniel is clearly the performer, and Cooper is the audience.  By the end of the video, the roles are reversed, and Cooper is trapped inside the TV.”

We think they just blew our minds.





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