BlackBook Premiere: Carré Get Surreal + Psychedelic w/ New Single/Video ‘This is not a band’




We live in a worsening culture of oversharing and “just be your authentic self-ness” that is enough to make the committed relativist reach for the nearest time machine.

Into this irksome reality comes the enigmatic French trio Carré (incidentally, the French word for “square”), armed with enough postmodern signifiers and puzzles to keep you busy for hours. First off, their debut single (which BlackBook premieres here) bears the amusingly self-aware title “This is not a band”…from their upcoming debut EP CARRÉ, out in May. And for all we can tell, they’re probably not a band. Maybe we’d even prefer to think of them as an “occurrence”?

And over a thundering electro soundscape—think Nitzer Ebb, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cold Cave—they (Julien Boyé, Jules de Gasperis, Keveen Baudouin) collectively shout, “This is not happening!” Perhaps it isn’t then.



In the accompanying video, they are seen wearing hyper-flashing “video boxes” on their heads, and the  psychedelic dayglo backdrop only adds to the dizzying overall sensory effect.

“There’s something about not getting attached to the form,” Carré tell us, “when you step back and disengage yourself from the form, you become in touch with something more pure and spiritual, while remaining in the square.”

Which somehow makes perfect sense to us.


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