BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Captivatingly Stripped Down Video for The Bliss’ Debut Single ‘Got The Love’


We’re not exactly sure, but we think it might be saying something that Felix Snow left behind his bourgeoning music project Terror Jr., to eventually wind up as part of the duo going by the telling nom de guerre The Bliss. A duo whose other half happens to be Chelsea Davenport (you may know her as TYSM), they’ve just dropped their debut single on the universe, and it’s some pretty sexy, slinky stuff, if we might say.

Indeed, “Got The Love” is all ’80s R&B vibes with a sly, old-school funk groove – think Janet Jackson, Tom Tom Club – and Davenport’s sensual, ethereal vocals, expounding on the eternal confusion of new romantic feelings.

“The song poured out of me in like ten minutes after hearing what Felix did,” she enthuses. “I was trying to write about how even though you care about someone in the beginning stages of a relationship, you might still hold on to things that hurt you in the past. To me, the song is about letting go of all your past loves and allowing a new thing to happen.”

And for the purposes of getting a little more cozy with the buzzy new duo, they’ve released this stunningly visceral, stripped down version of the track, along with an accompanying video – which BlackBook premieres here.

“Just you and me / We got it all, we got the love,” croons Davenport. And really, what more could you possibly want?



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