BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Captivating Video for the Wistful New Ryann Single ‘JFK’



When the Chainsmokers’ 2015 hit “New York City” was climbing up the charts in the fall of that year, many wondered who the mysterious, silky-voiced singer was, whose vocal performance instilled the song with such a sense of longing. It was, in fact, Victoria Ryann Zaro – who was signed to BMI for her songwriting skills before she’d even graduated from high school.

These days, she’s just Ryann, having moved from New York to Los Angeles, and dropped out of USC to make a go of a burgeoning music career. During that time, her enchanting voice also notably graced 3LAU’s “Hot Water” and Justin Caruso’s “Talk About Me.” But it is her latest single, the intriguingly titled “JFK” (for which BlackBook premieres the sweetly melancholy new video here) that is surely the most authentic harbinger of her potential.



A wistful but captivating tale of romantic resignation, she justifies/philosophizes,”I never cared much for caution / ‘Cos what’s the worst that can happen?” over a stark but visceral accompaniment. Her almost nonchalant acceptance of heartbreak is a mark of her surprising maturity.

“‘JFK’ is about the uncontrollable nature of love,” she explains, “and how you can’t always choose who you fall for. One of the saddest parts of a breakup is the highlight reel, filled with fragments of perfect memories, playing over and over in the back of your head. It’s always those memories that make me teary eyed, and that’s what Clyde Monroe and I wanted to portray in the video – little snippets of the sweet stuff.”

The song is taken from her upcoming debut EP – so expect to hear more from Ryann before 2019 is out.


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