BLACKBOOK VIDEO PREMIERE: Brit Duo Life Of Dillon’s ‘Focus’

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Neither of London duo Life Of Dillon are actually named Dillon. In fact, the name actually references Carl Weathers’ Predator character of the same name.

You’ve surely heard about them – Joe Femi and David Keiffer made a name of LOD quite quickly, with their 2015 debut EP Prologue yielding the single “Overload,” which racked up more than 40 million Spotify plays – and landed them on tour with Meghan Trainor. But holing up in Los Angeles for a year and relentlessly writing, actually put them on an entirely new creative path – and produced something of a “hallelujah” philosophical moment.

The death of Femi’s mother also had a profound effect – and the deeply poignant new video for their single “Focus” is actually a tribute to her. As he explains, “It is a message to ourselves to remember our purpose and not get lost in the machine. This one is for Mumsi.”

The song itself takes a sultry R&B groove, and layers on Caribbean guitar stylings, irresistible hooks and affecting, visceral lyrics about the struggle between self-doubt and self-belief.

BlackBook enthusiastically premieres the video here.