BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Bootblacks’ Powerful New Single ‘Hold & Dissolve’

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Amidst the seemingly-endless over-proliferation of twee Brooklyn indie-folk bands, we thankfully once in a while get the likes of A Place to Bury Strangers or Bootblacks. Borrowing that name from William Burroughs, the latter draw on the darkest strains of British post-punk and electro-industrial to vigorous effect.

To wit, their awesomely chilling new single “Hold & Dissolve,” which BlackBook premieres here. It nods profoundly to the ominous atmospherics of Bauhaus, Xymox and Joy Division and adds a ferocious, unstoppable groove. In fact, it could sit proudly amongst the trenchant, doomy psychedelia of Echo & The Bunnymen’s potent classic Heaven Up Here.

“It’s about loss,” explains frontman Panther MacDonald, “knowing you have to leave people behind, and how hard that is. And even though letting go is difficult, you can both find the time to remember someone while remembering that it’s not over yet.”

Their 2016 album Veins showed a band genuinely coming into its own marked aesthetic; so expectations are high for the September 14 release of follow up Fragments, on Manic Depression Records. “Hold & Dissolve” bodes decidedly well.