BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Bestial Mouths’ Eerie ‘Worn Skin’ Video

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When we last heard from Bestial Mouths, we were collaborating with singer-provocateur Lynette Cerezo on an exclusive, romance-killing Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist. But the fierce LA gothic stalwarts are launching a month-long tour this weekend, that will take them from Boston to NYC, Chicago to San Francisco, and then finishing up in Vancouver on April 15. As well, a thrilling new remix album, (Still) Heartless, is released today, based around the songs on their album Heartless, which came out last year.

To help them kick it off, we’re premiering here their strikingly unsettling new video for “Worn Skin.” The desolate, phantasmal Teutonic style and haunting narrative harken back to the likes of Gottfried Helnwein and Hans Bellmer…while also sharing obvious aesthetic ground with Marilyn Manson.

“This video is my most personal to date,” Cerezo reveals, “all my feelings, and what the song means to me. When the songs [for 2016 album Heartless) were written, I would often close my eyes and see my old dolls from my childhood. Only now with the signs of years of wear on their bodies and faces, now cast aside – alone, trapped in forgotten dark places, ignored, a meaningless existence. And yet once they had been so loved.”

Bestial Mouths will bring their foreboding musical pandemonium to the Bowery Electric this Sunday, March 19, sharing the bill with New York’s own Athan Maroulis fronted NOIR.