BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Bermuda Angels’ Surreal, Sexy New Video for ‘On the Run’


We’re not often given to hyperbole. But the new Bermuda Angels video for “On the Run,” which BlackBook premieres here, is genuinely one of the most mind-bending works of art that has graced our screens in 2017.

The peripatetic duo of NYC artist Sophie Kadow and California writer Bermuda Jones’ single of the same name is an audaciously sexed-up, and particularly enthralling techno-spaghetti-western (think David Lynch crossed with The Knife). And the video rises to the dramatic arcs of the song with a hyper-sensory collage of imagery, which runs from the apocalyptic to the sacrilegious to the eerie, surrealism-referencing.

“Bermuda created this dreamy western music before we even moved way out to the desert,” says Kadow, “so when we got there, it was natural to film in that wild landscape – even though it was well over 100 degrees every day. The video perfectly illustrates the revolving toxic thoughts I was going through at the time. It turned that sickness into something beautiful and cool.”

That ‘”sickness” is perhaps best illustrated about 2:30 in, when the track breaks down into a Cabaret Voltaire style industrial devolution, with an accompanying 50 seconds or so of nightmarish visions – before Sophie emerges into the light in bright red ballerina attire.

“The video and song are about being in love for the first time,” Kadow explains, “when you didn’t think real love existed. It’s about being intimidated and losing yourself in the vulnerability. It’s about going through the least functional time of your life and not knowing if you’ll come back from it.”

And functionality, surely, is often considerably overvalued.

(N.B. Bermuda Angels’ debut album will be released in September. Follow them on Instagram.)


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