BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Berlin Songstress Alice Phoebe Lou’s Stunning Video for ‘Devil’s Sweetheart’

Image by Andrea Rojas


Busking – and fire dancing – around Paris and Amsterdam at just 16 years old, South African born singer-songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou earned her gravitas points very early on in life. Eventually settling in Berlin, and now just 24, she’s already a talent to be reckoned with – NPR enthusing that she is “An artist who feels destined for the stars.”

Before she makes her way into the cultural stratosphere, BlackBook premieres here her dazzlingly dramatic new video for latest single “Devil’s Sweetheart.” The song itself – a duet with Bologna born singer and slide guitarist Olmo – is a spine-tingling study in fiery, visceral gothic blues (think Jack White / Mazzy Star).

“‘Devil’s Sweetheart’ is a song born of the streets of Berlin,” explains Alice, “written about people in power taking advantage of those who have very little. It’s about the rich profiting from the poor, the fine moral line that big businesses and corporations tread in terms of how far human beings can go in order to optimize their profit, while disregarding how this can affect the lives of others.”



The hyper-sensory video (directed by Eike von Stuckenbrok) saw Alice and Olmo team up with performance group The Birdmilk Collective, featuring Valia Beauvieux and Dennis Macao – for something uniquely spectacular and otherworldly.

She elucidates, “The video is an emotional performance piece that embodies the mood and atmosphere of the song, playing with the concept of devils and angels, and the lyrical play on words that is ‘the devil’s sweetheart / the devil’s sweet heart.’ Morality is not as clear it seems and it always depends on the perspective.”

Alice Phoebe Lou will play several European and South African live dates from spring into summer, including May 20th at London’s Scala.


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