BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Artful Video For New Ekurtis Single ‘HumDrum’

Image by Aaron Berk

Formerly a professional ballet dancer, now a multifaceted musical and visual force, Eric Larson is hat rarest of talents. He began recording under the sobriquet Ekurtis in 2015, and is currently at work on a series of three EPs, the first of which, edifyingly titled Part 1, will be released June 16.

In the lead up, he has released the alluring single “HumDrum,” which flaunts his proclivity for spirited, widescreen synth pop. He cites Grimes as an influence, no surprise, but you might also hear the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Frazier Chorus in the soaring atmospherics, blithe melodies and celestial vocals.

BlackBook premieres here the gorgeous, sylvan video for the song, which was co-directed by Larson himself.

“When I and Co-Director of photography Aaron Berk (aka Hopper Race) got to the location, I wasn’t sure how I was going to edit the video.  I knew I wanted these oddball characters who had an off-putting vibe, and the light was so exquisite I knew we would be following it through the woods. The bonfire was a last minute inspiration but ended up adding this much more menacing feel than I had intended. Sometimes I like a looser structure to improvise within. I end up finding things I never intended to shoot, like the flames of a fire retreating into themselves behind an intense little girl.”

Ekurtis will be appearing live at NYC’s The Delancey on May 26.


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