BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Anthemic New FUTURE FEATS Single ‘Cities in Wonder’

Image by Emma Cole

There’s something to be said for a big, bombastic chorus. Which is why we immediately took to the exhilarating, widescreen single “Cities in Wonder,” by a band that you’ll likely be hearing more from sooner than later: FUTURE FEATS. (Even their name is BIG.)

The LA quartet, signed to the FADER Label, are fronted by a chap who goes simply by the name Josh – and “Cities” is actually their debut single, after five years of making music together. Produced by Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge, the thundering drums and exuberant lyrical bursts of “All through the streets I can hear the people screaming yeah, yeah!,” make for a rousing musical call to action, an enthusiastic incitement to take control of one’s own destiny.

It’s also actually something of a recovery song, the result of emerging from a battle with perilous personal demons.

“’Cities in Wonder’ was the catalyst for all that followed,” explains Josh. “This was the first song that was written for FUTURE FEATS, and I feel it is the most appropriate entry point from where I’m currently standing. It’s an honest attempt at continuation, and it quickly informed me of where to take the rest of the record. It was just a different approach, and I owe everything to the events that inspired this dislocated piece of pop music.”

They’ll next be appearing live at Harvard & Stone in LA on August 30. But don’t be surprised if you hear more from them in the meantime.


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