BlackBook Premiere: Amanda Blank Returns With the Post-Punk Stunner ‘Oh Man’



Philadelphia has long been fertile ground for artists who fearlessly surf the perimeter edges—and Amanda Blank has certainly epitomized exactly that. As part of the Downtown Records stable in the mid-to-late oughts, she represented a certain sort of post-electroclash cool, sharing stages and ideologies with the likes of Peaches and Santigold.

Alas, she went missing in 2009, perhaps sensing just how dull the following decade was going to be. But after the Strokes-y sounding 2019 single “Put Me Out,” she’s promising a new album, seemingly confessionally titled The Ruiner, out sometime in 2020. In the meanwhile, BlackBook premieres her stunning new single and video, succinctly titled “Oh Man.” The track is an absolutely sublime bit of melancholy post-punk, with its galloping beat, chiming guitars (Could that be Johnny Marr? Alas, no.), and the sort of moody atmospherics that had us pulling out all our old Postcard singles for comparison.



The vibe is decisively matched lyrically, with Amanda lamenting, “Nothing is the same / The joke’s on me.” Certainly words to viscerally encapsulate our current situation.

Has she gone and become a bit more…pensive?

“I am still very much Amanda Blank,” she assures, “writing pop songs for sensitive bad bitches that fuck on the first date. ‘Oh Man’ is tender, angry, hopeful, and out for revenge. Just like me. It’s one of the first songs I wrote in what turned into a five month long fever dream making The Ruiner.”

Welcome back, Ms. Blank.


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