BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Ally Ahern’s Sultry New Single ‘Bad For Me’


The first thing that strikes you about Chicago songstress Ally Ahern is her confident, already inimitable personal style – quite unusual for someone of just 19 years on Planet Earth. A little bit classic pin-up girl, a little more gothic goddess, with her piercing eyes and black bob, she is indeed a striking presence.

But her music also conveys a compelling maturity, as could be heard in her recent, and deeply romantic track “Suffocation.” Now BlackBook premieres her newest single, “Bad For Me,” which finds her turning up the heat a bit.

Indeed, over a sultry R&B groove, and haunting, Depeche Mode style synths, she delivers her most alluring vocal performance yet. And in what comes off as virtually a lyrical confession – but without the repentance – she concedes, “Strong as I may be / I just can’t shake you free / ‘Cause every time you leave / I feel a little death in me.”



And who among us hasn’t felt that way at one time or another?

“I wrote it about a year ago at home in Chicago,” she recalls, “then finished it up in Brooklyn with Slaters – Al Carlson and Alex Craig – who produced the track. I had so much fun writing and recording this dark track about forbidden love and desire – and I’m excited to share it with the world!”

The song is the first off her upcoming and as yet unnamed EP. Meanwhile, she is currently studying at Berklee College of Music, Boston.



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