BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: ADULT.’s Sensual Remix of Barry Adamson’s ‘One Hot Mess’



Barry Adamson is that rarest of musicians, who has managed to remain unfailingly cool and relevant over the span of four decades. Indeed, an integral member of influential post-punk luminaries Magazine, as well as one of Nick Cave’s most unforgettable Bad Seeds, and also a collaborator with David Lynch, he can pretty much be found doing whatever he wants to do these days – or as he put it in a 2016 Guardian interview, being as “outsider’s outsider.”

He most recently created a rather brilliant playlist for Lynchland that showed off his exceedingly good taste (with tracks by everyone from The Pop Group to Alabama Shakes). But it is the ADULT.¬†“Throw it All Away” remix of his new single “One Hot Mess”¬†(from his spring 2017 EP Love Sick Dick) that really had us hitting repeat. It’s taken from a new remix EP, out this Friday, also featuring A Certain Ratio, Gazelle Twin and Lunacre.

BlackBook enthusiastically premieres the remix here, with the Detroit duo having taken the enigmatically erotic noir-funk track and given it a spooky, minimalistic-electro reworking. It manages to be as alluringly sensual as it is eerily ominous Рas if we might have expected anything less.

“Barry Adamson is quite an epic human,” insist ADULT.’s Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, “so the opportunity to do a remix of his work was pretty thrilling. At the moment, we are super obsessed with samples, loops and fragmented bits, so we greatly enjoyed distilling down Barry’s massive, lush song into a dissonant, fluttering wave of dis/organized electronics.”

The consummate soundtrack, certainly, to portentous, seductive November late nights.


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