BLACKBOOK PREMERIE: Swedish Songstress Natali Felicia’s Double Single ‘Run Like The River’ / ‘This Summer is Cruel’

When it comes to sexy Swedish pop stars, we’d always rather have more than less. And so the opportunity to premiere both halves of the new Natali Felicia double single pretty much made our week.

The 22-year-old Stockholmer shares Lana Del Rey’s gift for theatrical melancholy, but adds a thrilling dose of dramatic grandiosity. Indeed, “Run Like the River” is a majestic, widescreen stunner, with a thundering, almost chilling chorus. When she implores, “Just throw yourself into the deep,” it is with a palpable sense of empathy towards those fleeing terror and tragedy.

’’I tend to write a lot about running away from something,” she reveals. “In this song, I wanted to tell the story of someone who flees in the hope of finding a new home. I don’t like using the word refugee for a human on the run, but seeing the world crisis right now, I want to be blunt about this. Those of us that have the opportunity to use our voices need to do this loud and clear.”

On the flip, the pretty “This Summer is Cruel” is a haunted, soul-baring lament (think Bat For Lashes), a heartbreaking resignation of unreturned affection. It builds to an unmerciful sorrow, against a backdrop of stirringly disconsolate strings. If you’re not moved to share in her distress, you’re probably dead.

She confesses, “It’s pure love song, and not one with a happy ending. There is a kind of torture – both hopeless and sensual…in desiring someone or something you love so much, when your love is unrequited. Still, there is the knowing that you have to let go.’’

If only we could have been there for her.


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