BLACKBOOK EXCLUSIVE: LA Duo Courtship’s Breezy Summer Playlist

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Summer is indeed almost upon us; so it’s time to put away all those dark, wintry playlists full of gloomy Interpol and Lykke Li tracks. And here to get you on your way to top-down, hair-blowing-in-the-wind musical nirvana are LA duo Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon – otherwise known as Courtship.

Their new single “Sunroof” delivers on the promise of its title, the perfect soundtrack to a ride along a cool beachside highway. The song manages to marry the quirky eccentricities of MGMT with the nu-disco grooves of Scissor Sisters, and bundle it all up in exuberant, irresistible 80s synth-pop.

“It’s a funny story how we made this song,” recalls Hirsch. “Micah’s mom’s friend had an old Airstream without wheels. So we parked it in a parking spot at Micah’s apartment and moved all our studio stuff into it. ‘Sunroof’ was the first track we made in it – unfortunately, it was also the last! The neighbors complained, and the cops showed up five times before the city prosecutor said they would take it away if we didn’t sop making noise. The man won the battle, but we will win the war.”

With all the controversy behind them, we asked them to create the perfect playlist to getting summer underway – and they gave us Pink, Fleetwood Mac and one of our absolute faves, MIKA’s “Grace Kelly.”