Artist Projects Insults Onto Trump Properties in Act of Resistance

Photo: @IgorVolsky on Twitter

An artist has projected insults onto the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. in an act of protest. One such projection reads “Pay Trump Bribes Here” above the building’s entrance, while another reads “Open 24 Hours.”

The man behind piece is Robin Bell, a social justice artis and activist and multimedia journalist. Bell’s been projecting things onto the Trump property, just blocks from the White House, since the election in November. He first gathered attention in 2015 projecting “#JaredLies” alongside poop emojis in protest of the building of a local Subway restaurant.

Bell also projected the emoluments clause of the Constitution upon the wall of the hotel, alongside the words ‘Emoluments Welcome’ and images of the Turkish, Chinese, Saudi Arabian, and Russian flags.

“(They are) the countries we know for sure are paying Trump money,” Bell told Buzzfeed.

The emoluments clause prevents American federal officials from accepting money from foreign governments, and is the basis for the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s lawsuit against the President.

While the projections were only up for about ten minutes before security guard covered the lens, onlookers were quick to document the images and send them viral online.

“One of the best moments tonight was one of the big tourists buses stopped in front of the hotel, and everyone started to clap,” Bell continued. “That was amazing.”

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