Joey Graceffa Interview: Loves Jennifer Lawrence Even More Than Tina Fey And Kristen Wiig

Photos: @Joeygraceffa on Instagram 

When Joey Graceffa went online with noisy dial-up for the first time, he couldn’t have fathomed that one day he would get famous by posting videos of himself playing video games. Years later, his YouTube channel stands strong, with over a million subscribers just waiting for the chance to watch him play Minecraft. “Something you wish for when you’re a kid is to get paid to play video games, and the fact that that’s part of my job is really awesome,” he says, laughing.


But gaming is only a fraction of his YouTube universe. “Seeing my world come to life is definitely what I love to do,” he says. On his main channel, Graceffa commands a staggering 4.4 million subscribers who tune in to see whatever he serves up. At only 23 years old, it’s clear this bright young star has only begun to imagine what his digital universe might look like.

“These are the questions that you ask somebody when you think you’re gay but you just really wanna know for sure…” Joey’s most-watched video has 6,966,012 views

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