Omega Launches Dark Side of the Moon


Born in 1848, Omega are a renowned watch brand known for their innovation, superior quality and iconic design. Their reputation has been cemented in film – most notably the James Bond franchise – as well as having been worn on the wrists of numerous celebrities over the years.

As the only watch to qualify for the 1968 Apollo 8 first mission to the moon, the Omega Speedmaster Professional has furthered an innovative and adventurous spirit by having a presence in every NASA space flight since. In honor of the watch’s initial encounter with the dark side of the moon, Omega design an all-black zirconium oxide ceramic wristwatch featuring a listening Co-Axial caliber 9300 movement viewable from the back.  The watch’s striking resemblance to the mysterious allure of space left notable attendees to discuss watch’s innovative design, function, and impressive history.

A watch of intricate detail, this special edition Speedmaster utilises innovative Omega technology whilst harking back to the golden age of space travel. The case is constructed from a single piece of black ceramic, giving it a quality of feel that is simply unmatched. Of course, no expense was spared with the design and this is most apparent with the 18k white gold hour markers and hands. Furthermore, both the scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and the rugged coated nylon strap ensure that the watch is as durable as it is beautiful.

For a brand associated with luxury and opulence, a star-studded party to launch this new timepiece just had to take place. The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York played host to numerous big names, including actor Patrick Wilson, actresses Taylor Schilling and Jaime King as well as model Coco Rocha. DJ Hanna Bronfman provided entertainment on the night and lucky guests were treated to a video installation that highlighted the design process and inspirations of the new watch.

Tali Lennox – Not Just Another Pretty Face

They say it’s easier to get by in life if you’re good looking. They say it’s easier to get by in life if you’ve had successful parents. But what they don’t say is that you don’t have to take the path of least resistance – you can go your own way.

And that’s exactly what Tali Lennox, daughter of singer Annie Lennox, has done.

As a painter, Tai has carved out her own path, specializing in portraiture, and has been passionate about defining herself rather than letting herself be defined. In her own words, Tali told us her story and where she finds her inspiration.



Adria Petty on Music, Family, and Life as an Artist

As the daughter of legendary singer Tom Petty, director Adria Petty knows a thing or two about music. In addition to feature films and television commercials, Adria has directed over two dozen music videos for some of the biggest names in the business, from Beyoncé and Rihanna to Coldplay and Regina Spektor.

So in celebration of Adria’s work, life, and outlook, we’ve put together her 5 of her best videos for you to enjoy.













Isabella Channing on The Shack Yoga in Bridgehampton

Those who attend classes at The Shack Yoga in Bridgehampton have the good fortune to practice yoga in the creative space where Isabella Channing grew up and later opened the school. Isabella welcomes her students to breathe and move in the same spaces where she cultivated a heightened passion for being present, for sharing spirituality, and where her celebrated father Walter Channing made so many memorable artistic works. The Shack Yoga’s students, like Isabella, grow and move “under the flying sawdust” of artist Walter Channing. It’s the kind of space where inspiration is hard not to catch.​



Fairfax Dorn On Her History and the Future of Ballroom Marfa

It’s tough to leave New York, and tougher create a cultural hub in the middle of a desert, but that’s exactly what Fairfax Dorn managed to do in 2003 when founding Ballroom Marfa, a vibrant contemporary art space in a Texas town of 2,000. With Ballroom Marfa, Fairfax explores film, music, performance, and visual art in a city where little else exists. The ultra remote Marfa might be little remembered if it weren’t for spaces and big thinking like this; now the town’s history, thanks in part to Fairfax, begins with art.



Athena Calderone and Cointreau Host a Private Dinner in Dumbo for Eye-Swoon

Continuing in its tradition of supporting creative individuals, Cointreau partnered with Eye-Swoon founder Athena Calderone for a beautifully prepared dinner party at her home in Dumbo. Spilling onto the terrace, guests and friends like Cynthia Rowley, Jennifer Fisher, Mara Hoffman, and Pari Ehsan, enjoyed bites by Franny’s chef Jonathan Adler — a favorite of Calderone’s — and signature Cointreau Rickey cocktails. Said Calderone of the evening, “I’m incredibly grateful to Cointreau and to this partnership because I’ve been dreaming of putting forth an Eye-Swoon dinner, and they’ve really allowed me to create this beautiful environment. The brand’s philosophy is right in line with what I do.”

CointreauNYC01_294 CointreauNYC02_053 CointreauNYC03_031

Photos by Winnie Au

The Women of New York: Meet Josephine Meckseper

Josephine Meckseper comes from a family of artists, and she’s always known she was fated to continue on a creative path. Before moving to Los Angeles at a young age, Josephine grew up in Germany, attending political demonstrations and rebelling against the status quo — a nature that affects her art. She has long been fascinated by the voice of the people, and our interaction with consumerism. “You should never live in fear,” she wisely offers. Josephine’s life has been one of confident decisions.

In this film–one in an ongoing series of mini-docs created in partnership with Belstaff–Josephine describes the confidence and rebellion that have informed her life.

These are the “Women of New York.”

The Women of New York: Meet Julia Chaplin

Julia Chaplin, a journalist, author, editor, and designer, is best known as the creator of and its companion book and resort clothing collection, inspiring an aspirational gypset lifestyle. Julia’s family has always been constantly on the move, their life philosophy informing her to this day. She always say ‘yes’, and she’s totally unafraid of taking a risk. Such boldness is cultivated over a lifetime.

In this film–one in an ongoing series of mini-docs created in partnership with Belstaff–Julia discusses the rebellion that inspires the travel and adventure that make up such a great part of her life.

These are the “Women of New York.”

The Women of New York: Meet Annabelle Dexter-Jones

Actor Annabelle Dexter-Jones has always been driven to make her own name for herself, standing out among her creative and talented family. Her rebellion was essential in establishing her own identity. She’s careful to point out that to her, rebellion isn’t about danger, but rather a curious state of mind. “Comfort is death,” she says definitively, and it’s clear that she lives by these words as she brushes aside moments of self-doubt and pursues her career on the screen.

In this film–one in an ongoing series of mini-docs created in partnership with Belstaff–Annabelle discusses the rebellion that drives her spirit of adventure and creativity.

These are the “Women of New York.”