Brooklyn Industries

Started with messenger bags made from billboard vinyl, now a full-fledged New York institution. Artist-owned and -managed retailer keeps to a Live, Work, Create philosophy. The creative energy seeps through creases in casual-but-hip men’s and women’s lines. Graphic T’s for the kids, too. Get in and gear up to take on the metropolis itself.

Buffalo Exchange

Tucson export leads the thrift store herd with stores scattered across over a dozen states. Williamsburg location the first to open in NYC, with buy-sell-trade policy catering to fashionable clientele on a budget. New and used clothing, accessories, and shoes from mainstream names like H&M, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, mixed in with vintage designer pieces. Friendly staff and unpretentious atmosphere make for a nabe fave.

Norbu Bijoux

Not the name of one of Brangelina’s kids: shop’s moniker actually blends French and Tibetan words for jewel. Dual inspirations are reflected in the wares: in-house collection handcrafted by Himalayan artisans and Billyburg designers. Modern looks on the jewelry side: charms, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Serene shop also stocks accessories and gifts. New location still more or less gentle with the pricing.

Vice Versa

Upbeat orange-walled loft with rack after rack of sweet, sweet vintage. Has its share of clunkers, but dedicated riffling will bring up some nuggets, all priced to sell. Bags, lids, jumpsuits, tons of boots and shoes, denim in every shade of the indigo rainbow. Lots of T’s, and more man-friendly than most of the ‘Burg’s thrift offerings. Stock turns over frequently enough to reward return visits.

Amarcord Vintage Fashion

A do-not-miss vintage boutique on bustling Bedford. Showcases exceptional collection of Euro clothing, accessories from top designers and the yet-to-be-discovered. Garments, belts, handbags, and shoes attractively arranged against white walls, embellished with dynamic, color-charged design. Fashion hub for both hip locals and trendsetters venturing to Williamsburg for style inspiration. Also offers unique pieces for the gentleman en vogue.


Predicated on a love for all things pop culture, this Williamsburg outpost of Pop fits right into the neighborhood with fashionable trends for men and women, curated by owner Sheila Sharma.  A limited number of each item is is ordered and never replaced, aiding in a quick turnover of goods and making it less likely that your neighbor scooped up that same frock by Free People.  Check out offerings from the up and comers, Pop is invested in offering their fabulous wares for a reasonable price, even in the trendiest of Brooklyn ‘hoods.

Beacon’s Closet

Hipster consignment shop extraordinaire, Beacon’s Closet offers a wide selection of vintage and used items for men and women. Drop off some of your old duds for store credit, or just peruse racks full of cheap styles from every era. Heavy on the colorful—and skintight—styles that plague the youth of Bedford Avenue, but also a great place to find a deeply discounted pair of those A.P.C. jeans you wanted last season.

Bedford Cheese Shop

Welcoming visitors with a distinctively pungent air, the Bedford Cheese Shop offers specialty goods for the indie cheese connoisseur. Knowledgeable staff eases potentially difficult decision-making process with recommendations accompanied by free samples. Gastronome-perfect selection extends to cured meats, marinated olives, pickles, spreads, oils, and bread. All that savory balanced out with sweet treats like imported cookies, biscuits, candy, chocolate, and New York and Vermont maple syrups.