Bourbon Steak

Michael Mina’s steakhouse has strong, masculine vibe, defined by leather and dark wood. Executive chef Omri Aflalo has put an emphasis on seasonal ingredients, all organic and hormone-free, but not exactly low calorie. Start with a complimentary trio of french fries, prepared in duck fat. Move on to gruyere fondue and the lobster pot pie. The butter-poached steaks are outstanding – especially the American Kobe – but we gravitate towards the wonderful California Burger, slathered with Thousand Island dressing. Finish with the flamboyant banana tartine, prepared table-side.

adidas Sport Performance

Adidas wardrobe staples flanked by an endless supply of soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs. Triple-striped logo jerseys, signature track jackets, and exorbitant sneaker collection round out this sports gear haven. Also a must for TFC fans looking to stock up on gear before the another losing season gets underway.

Infusion Lounge

Think sophistication, not convention, but okay to get a bit wild. 6000+ square feet of decadence – private VIP room, inviting dance floor, seductive main lounge, you name it. Fill up on the tea-scented coconut ribs before room transforms into sub-rosa lounge. A true sensory experience, sans overload.

Completely Bare

Hair-hating spa chain hides high-tech lasers behind sweet white-and-gold façade. Lady-only estheticians banish unwanted follicles from anywhere on body via pulsed light. Safely shears suntanned skin as well. Temporary strippers opt for French wax at infamous home of the vajazzle and vatoo. Because nothing adds to the jailbait-factor of a naked hoo-ha like Swarovski crystals and a tastefully airbrushed unicorn. LED facials combat redness, acne, wrinkles; keep you from emerging looking like one of those creepy naked cats.


Only a genius could create an upscale drugstore that focuses solely on makeup, fragrances, and skincare products. Don’t be shy about testing classics like Chanel No. 5. Or Calvin Klein’s Obsession for men. The extremely neat space holds a deceptively large assortment of goodies. Like eye shadow, mascara, and foundation from major players including Dior and Smashbox. But makeup can be murder in the wrong hands. It’s worth the wait for face time with one of the helpful reps.

Brooklyn Industries

Started with messenger bags made from billboard vinyl, now a full-fledged New York institution. Artist-owned and -managed retailer keeps to a Live, Work, Create philosophy. The creative energy seeps through creases in casual-but-hip men’s and women’s lines. Graphic T’s for the kids, too. Get in and gear up to take on the metropolis itself.


Relaxed and unfussy, Vince has perfected the put-together-without-trying approach to fashion. Denim and blazers in all-neutral tones to complete the look. Gals go for leather leggings and boy-sized T’s, and boys will have to make do with gawking: it’s womens only on the Upper East Side.


Back in the summer of ’69, Gap sold just Levi’s, LPs, and tapes. 1969 was a long, long time ago. All growed up now, 3,000-plus location chain will hook you up with everything from bathing suits to bras, hoodies to hosiery. Bewildering array of jeans, but if you can master it, you just might find the perfect pair, at least for the few months before they wear out. New 1969 Premium Jeans line takes stab at designer market with cuts like Sexy Boot and Always Skinny. Regular sales and quick turnover reward frequent visits. Just so long as you don’t mind looking like everyone else.


Tous is French for “all,” and overflowing accessories boutique has that plus some. Got its start as a repair shop in 1920 and decided to sell the decadent watches they were accustomed to fixing. Jewelry, fashion and beauty, midway between luxe and low — international design house takes middle road with cleverly designed baubles, handbags, small selection of ties, broaches, custom rings and other staples. Iconic bear logo has been the brand’s beacon since 1985.