B Flat

Tokyo vibes at this underground, cozy cocktail lounge for shiso, yuzu, wasabi, and sake-infused drinks, each with ice cut to perfect proportions for the spirit. It’s liquid sophistication. Here the original bartenders (self proclaimed “bar chefs” from Angel’s Share keep the light low, the music down, and the couches deep. There’s live jazz on Mondays and Wednesdays. Bring someone you want to get cozy with.

Church Bar

Super-chic Tribeca Grand lobby hotel bar. Models on the make mingle with hotel guests (it’s included in the hefty room rate). Luxuriate on soft leather sofas and dark wood chairs, with musical atmo provided by lounge-oriented DJs. Velvet rope on weekends, so wear your Saturday Best and pray for the bouncer’s good graces. Occasional special events bring a downtown crowd with a taste for electro and pastel skinny jeans.

Macao Trading Co.

Call it what you like–we prefer “Asian-fusion-whatever”–but Macao’s prospects aren’t a gamble. From epicurean dream team behind Employees Only comes this gorgeous, Asian-themed space, with beautiful bar and a lounge downstairs. Emphasis here, though, is on the menu, which there is nothing vague about: bombastic Asian dishes that meet somewhere in the middle with…Portuguese. We’re pretty sure we can safely say only in New York.

Belle Reve

Unpretentious, dark, and lively cocktail den by Billy Gilroy (Employees Only) and Paul Gerard (Soho House). There’s food, but you’re really here for a good time, and with drink names like Disco Billy, who wouldn’t? Check out the burlesque entertainer dancing in the window.

Evening Bar

Andrew Carmellini’s new classic hotel bar tucked into the lobby of the Smyth, with seasonal cocktails by mixologist Anne Robinson (Booker and Dax, PDT). Organic fruit and veggie extracts and liquors from artisanal distilleries make up a menu divided into “sparkling,” “shaken,” “stirred,” and “classics.” Gorgeous midcentury furnishings make it extra easy to park it right there for the night, next to hotel guests, Tribeca locals, and those on dates. On the walls, a four-panel frieze by Brooklyn artist Matthew Benedict.

Smith & Mills

Classic cocktails and a major wine list (no shortage of expensive bottles). Bar food here equals oysters, mussels, and a great burger with house made chips. With Employees Only and Beatrice Inn bloodlines, this pint-sized carriage house turned pub with vintage industrial aesthetic caters to moneyed Tribeca locals and cooing couples. Don’t leave without peeping the groovy, ethereal restroom stashed inside an ancient elevator car.

The Butterfly

House cocktails, beer and wine at this cocktail bar and supper club from Chef Michael White (Osteria Morini) and bartender Eben Freeman. Don’t forget the food, like the Bell and Evans fried chicken, or Ravioli Al Forno, which shines all on its own. The big game will be playing on the giant flatscreen. Perfect for those New Yorkers who miss the Midwest.


Domestic and Eurobrewed beers, wines by the glass. Similar in vibe to Craig Weiss’s Other Room, though with a slightly older crowd give its location, it’s an industrial steel, slate, and cement, candle-lit singles mecca. Rotating art exhibits hang above velvet benches. Indie rock graciously fills the uncomfortable silence of your blind date. Secure the highly coveted window seat.

Grand Banks

Floating oyster bar serving lobster rolls, fried squash blossoms, cocktails, wine and beer on the F/V Sherman Zwicker, the largest wooden vessel in NYC. Get a view of the sunset, the Statue of Liberty, and the new World Trade Center. Bring out of towners, your local friends, pretty much anyone to this yellow-striped awning covered boat for rosé and seasonal snacks, just be sure no one is wearing high heels, unless they have really impressive core strength – this is a bobbing boat, after all.