Mile High Fashion: The Best Instagrams of the Chanel Spring 2016 Airport Show

Photo: Stella Maxwell shows off exquisite makeup by Tom Pecheux. Photo: @tompecheux

Every season editors, celebrities, and the well healed ladies of French high society look forward to what is always the biggest, most extravagant show of Paris Fashion Week: Chanel. From supermarket to riot to Sound of Music, Karl Lagerfeld always fills the Grand Palais with not only dazzling clothes, but a themed runway production that puts the best of Broadway to shame.

And what could be more chic than the jet set lifestyle? For the Chanel Spring 2016 Airport Show, everything from the check-in counter to the luggage, and even the luggage handlers, was branded Chanel Airlines. Call it the hottest boarding pass in town: sorry Air France La Première, Karl’s got you beat.

If you couldn’t be there, fret not. The next best thing is living the Chanel life vicariously through the Instagram accounts of the fashion world’s who’s who:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.17.55 PM
Kendall Jenner walks the Chanel Airlines concourse. Photo: @krisjenner 

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.27.24 PM
That’s some chic luggage, Edie Campbell! Photo: @ediebcampbell

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.28.58 PM
Lineisy Montero delivers airport chic to the fullest. Photo: @fashiontomax

Models on the concourse. Photo: @joycebonelli 

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.34.08 PM
Chanel eyewear campaign star Lily-Rose Depp with Karl Lagerfeld. Photo: @lilyrose_depp 

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.36.16 PM
Fashion month mainstays Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia. Photo: @voguerussia

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.38.32 PM
Julia-Sarr Jamois of i-D is ready to check in at Chanel Airlines! Photo: @anderschristianmadsen

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.41.18 PM
Karl Lagerfeld, godson Hudson Kroenig and Cara Delevingne know how to work the concourse! Photo: @fashiontomax

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.43.13 PM
Sam McKnight shows off the fruits of his hair labor backstage! Photo: @sammcknight1

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.45.10 PM
Thanks for flying Chanel Airlines! Photo: @krisjenner

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.46.44 PM
Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner make a supermodel exit. Photo: @backstagebombshell

Brit Marling on Painful Performances and Her New Film ‘The Keeping Room’

Photo from BlackBook, August 2011

As an actress, writer, and producer, Brit Marling is carving out her own narrative in cinema. “I’ve been able to develop writing along the way as a way to make the waiting more possible. It would be hard to be that patient in your art,” she tells me when we spoke on the phone earlier this week. As we’ve noted, “Marling first emerged on the independent film scene in 2011 when she co-wrote her debut performances in Mike Cahill’s sci-fi moral tale Another Earth and Zal Batmanglij’s mystical thriller Sound of My Voice—both Sundance hits that showcased the kind of dynamic female roles Hollywood wasn’t offering.” Since then, she’s gone on to appear in films like The Company You Keep, I Origins, The Better Angels, and her latest starring turn in Daniel Barber and Julia Hart’s The Keeping Room. But whether she’s working behind the camera or strictly in front of it, there’s an ineffable grace, strength, and emotional intelligence to Marling that makes her one of the most fascinating women working in Hollywood.

Part feminist Civil War western, part home invasion action movie, The Keeping Room is a wonderfully bare bones re-imagining of a well-worn genre. The film follows Augusta (Marling), a Southern woman fighting to keep herself and her family alive after an encounter with two violent soldiers determined on destroying everything in their path. Living with her sister Louise (Hailee Steinfeld) and Mad, their female slave (Muna Otaru) in their rundown farmhouse in the woods, the three must fight to protect their lives and and their home, fending off the encroaching terror of the drunken soldiers whose blind rage leads them to stop at nothing to get what they want. With visceral and raw performances from its stars, the film gives a vicious depiction of what it was like to be a woman in 1865 and the harrowing struggle you had to face just to keep on breathing.

With the film out in theaters today, I chatted with Marling to find out more about her immersion into this period, the artists that inspire her, and how the world is opening up for female actors.

You’re currently co-writing a show for Netflix with Zal Batmanglij—how has that experience been so far?

As it turns out, writing what’s basically an eight-hour feature, is a lot of work—but we’re having a great time doing it. It’s been an unusual challenge doing that and getting to talk about this film at the same time. 

Are you enjoying the challenge of having to write something long-form and evolving?

Yeah, I am. But it’s definitely so different now the way that people binge-watch things. You want to make something with a beginning, middle, end or chapters, but you also learn that if you binge-watch, all the episodes have to hold up. So to create something you’ll  experience at once is really challenging, but also cool because there are no rules right now. Back in the day you would have to come up with a pilot that represented everything and the kitchen sink about the show within an hour or half hour, and now it’s different. Now you have to think about: how do you begin something where the first hour doesn’t have to feel like a pilot, but instead you can enter it the way you would a great novel. 


With everything else you’re working on how, what attracted you to The Keeping Room?

A friend from college sent me the script and said it was by someone she went to high school with and that had been on the Black List. I read my friend’s email after midnight and didn’t think much of it, but then I started reading the script and within the first ten pages I turned back the cover page and said, “Who wrote this?” The opening scene of the movie was so intense and breathtaking. It was so unique and so realized. In some ways it’s a period piece, a drama, a home invasion genre movie, an action movie—it’s so many things breaded together and yet all of those pieces disappear when you’re in it. It hits you as something truly original and without precedent.


Where other movies have tried to glamorize or gloss over the daily struggles of existing in this time, The Keeping Room exposes them in a really brutal and terrifying way. I thought your performance was wonderful, but it also incredibly exhausting because you seemed like you were in really in pain the whole time, as your character would have been.

It’s so interesting to hear you put it that way, no one has really expressed it so cleanly: it was a painful performance—not just emotionally, but also physically, it was kind of impossible. I look back on it now and I don’t even know how we did all of that. There’s the emotional content of the movie, but then you add to that the horseback riding and the sprinting through the woods and the shooting and the chopping wood. I remember getting to the end of the shoot and feeling like I didn’t know how to return to the real world; I had just spent all this time in 1865. At one point I was even burned really badly on set and didn’t even think about it, then later when I came back home I was like, wait a second why didn’t I tell anybody about that? In your mind you think you’re surviving The Civil War, so getting burned is par for the course. It’s hard to explain to people that you do really go there psychologically and you allow yourself to go a bit mad to really believe you’re in the time period. 

So when you’d go home at the end of the day were you able to look at your email and do normal things are were you just totally in it?

It was hard because by the time we drove back to the hotel you had two hours to play with before you needed to eat and sleep, or else you just weren’t going to survive the next day. So with those two hours, you’re like, okay, I could try to wash some of this dirt out of my hair, I could try to repair the skin that’s coming off my elbow, I could look at my scenes for the next day, I could call people back, but you can’t do it all. So you pick and choose what you’re going to give yourself, and it’s usually looking at the scenes that are coming, which is why when I got to the end of it and came back to LA, I felt totally adrift. I felt so out of touch and unable to communicate with people what you think you’ve just been through. 


In the past we’ve spoken about the importance of paving new space for women in Hollywood today and developing these strong female characters. How do you go about choosing the projects you work on and the roles you write for yourself with that in mind?

That’s such a good question. You have to be patient and wait for those roles. I think that every actor feels like, if you’re really lucky, there’s one or two or three really great stories that will come to you that you just know you’re ready to give yourself over to play. I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to develop writing along the way as a way to make the waiting more possible. It would be hard to be that patient in your art. I imagine, like, a painter having to audition to get the paint or canvas to do what he or she loved. But one of the things that’s really exciting, is that more women are starting to write and direct, so the more female storytellers there are the more parts start to come around. Women are flooding into the space of storytelling. Even everyone being so excited about Elena Ferrante’s books, everyone has such an appetite to understand women better, it’s so interesting—and it’s not just women, some of the interesting conversations I’ve had about Elena Ferrante’s work have been with men. It’s a really exiting time to be an actress because I think it’s all opening. 

What was the last thing you saw or read that really struck you and inspired you?

I have so many answers but I’ve been reading Maggie Nelson’s books. The Argonauts, oh my god it’s so great, and also Bluets. The Argonauts is just breathtaking and the voice is so particular and so insightful. Her writing is so clear, she has this way of making you understand really complex things effortlessly; she makes it seem so easy. So her work as been really inspiring. I’m also reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me right now. What a gift to have given the world, just to give a voice and give language to a space that has been hard for people to talk about. So reading that book, that’s just blown me away. Sometimes I have to just put it down and just pace around the room a bit. 

Shop the Hottest Designer Collaborations of All Time

It seems like when our favorites designers release collaborations, the good stuff is swooped up within hours. Everyone wants a piece, and rightfully so — when else are you gonna get a piece of fashion history for pennies on the usual dollar? For all the shoes and jackets we couldn’t buy then, we’ll forever have reverse buyer’s remorse… which is why we’re on a mission to find it all again now. Lucky you.


Alexander Wang x H&M

The Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration was one of the most hyped we’ve seen — and totally worth it. City-ready athletic wear you can and will want to wear out at night? Hell yeah, that scuba dress is perfection! Didn’t we see Rihanna in that sports bra? And come fall, you won’t want to be without that cool parka.



JW Anderson x TOPSHOP

Designer JW Anderson’s stock has risen since this TOPSHOP collab came out in 2013. Now he’s helming Loewe, too, and the fashion world can’t get enough. That’s why this back-to-school argyle skirt and cool leather boots are must-haves. We’re scooping them up if you don’t.


+J (Jil Sander x UNIQLO)

+J was perfect while it lasted. (We still mourn the loss.) Jil Sander’s then-ongoing collaboration with UNIQLO was everything we wanted for staples in our closet — especially the jackets.


Missoni for Target

Legit you can’t tell the difference — might as well be real deal, main line Missoni. And this is the perfect dress for summer.


Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

For its H&M collab, Margiela pulled out the archives and remade the highlights. These Perspex-heeled boots are quintessentially Margiela. You could wear them forever.


Adidas x Kanye West

These Yeezy kicks are HOT. They might defy that pennies on the dollar rule, but can you put a price on love?

ebayyeezy copy

Raf Simons x Adidas Stan Smiths

Here we have a classic, slightly retooled by one of the chicest designers in the world.


Marques’Almeida x H&M

Don’t you love it when the collaboration looks just like the designer stuff? The high rise ripped jeans are a staple from May to September (but you could break the rules and wear ‘em whenever). The fray on the denim jacket makes it Marques’Almeida and unique.


Isabel Marant x H&M

A critically lauded collection full of must-haves. We’re particularly partial to the wear-anywhere chiffon dress and über-chic tuxedo jacket.


Marni x H&M

Marni is art-mom-chic in the best possible way, and this patent leather jacket and knit has us feeling creative.



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The Sexiest Leading Men Alive

Invigorate your life and wardrobe by shopping the debonair and seductive style of cinema’s sexiest leading men with help from our ebay collection.

Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Get Ryan Gosling’s suave and stylish look in Crazy, Stupid, Love with an eccentric yet refined Ermenegildo Zegna jacket, classic Ralph Lauren shades, and sophisticated Salvatore Ferragamo Oxfords.

Ryan Gosling

Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Take inspiration from Brad Pitt’s effortlessly cool and alluring style in Mr. and Mrs. Smith with black patent leather Versace loafers, sleek Oliver Peoples sunglasses, and a clean, white Calvin Klein Oxford shirt.

Brad Pitt

Jon Hamm in Mad Men

Go retro and get Jon Hamm’s 1960s Mad Men look with accoutrements like a sterling silver tie clip, Madison Avenue whiskey glasses, and a vintage amber ashtray.

Jon Hamm

George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven

Look to George Clooney’s sexy and chic Ocean’s Eleven style for inspiration and outfit yourself in Persol polarized sunglasses, a timeless Giorgio Armani watch, and a dashing Tom Ford silk bow-tie (best left untied).

George Clooney

Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street

Go yacht-casual and get Leonardo DiCaprio’s preppy and polished summer look in Wolf of Wall Street with a vintage Tag Heuer watch, Ray Ban Tortoise Boyfriend shades, Gucci leather loafers, and a classic Prada belt.

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Shop the Vibrant and Iconic Lifestyles of Your Favorite ’80s Movie Starlets

Travel back in time and shop the trendsetting and iconic lifestyles of your favorite 1980s women on screen with help from our ebay collection.

Get Nastassja Kinski’s subtly sexy look from Paris, Texas with an deep pink oversized Angora sweater and tousled, voluminous locks. Go retro with a red rotary phone and Super 8mm camera to immerse yourself in the past.
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Take inspiration from Madonna’s trailblazing accessories style in Desperately Seeking Susan with chunky gold Christian Lacroix, Valentino, and Chanel jewelry paired with classic Wayfarers. Get really into the groove throw your favorite vintage Madonna on the record player.
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Spice up your summer look with inspiration from Melanie Griffith in Something Wild by donning a simple black Alexander Wang dress with vintage statement jewelry and colorful handmade African Bead Work bangles. Give your best shade with vintage square sunglasses in an array of eye-popping colors.
ebay15 ebay80s5 ebay8028
Be ready for any occasion with Rosanna Arquette’s sweet and simply chic style from After Hours and dress yourself in a Marc Jacobs silk skirt and a Ferragamo buckle belt. Who needs a phone, when you’ve got a classic vintage pocket watch to help you beat the clock.


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Immerse yourself in the world of Wes Anderson by shopping these wacky, wonderful, and colorful looks from our ebay collection.

Travel the world with vintage valises from Moonrise Kingdom and LVMH luggage of The Darjeeling Limited


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Perfect your retro record game with the rich film scores of Wes Anderson, just like Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom and Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums



 wesbay6wesbay5 wesbay7

Fresh looks with wacky hats from the satirical world of Wes Anderson. Find a chapeau of your on from Rushmore’s Max Fischer, Eli Cash in The Royal Tenenbaums, or the young lovers of Moonrise Kingdom



wesbay2 wesbay8 wesbay9

Take your pretty summer look from Margot and Richie Tenenbaum’s 1970s court side style, thanks to the films of Wes Anderson!


  wb3wesbay11 wesbay12

Speaking of Margot Tenenbaum, let’s all agree that we can all take some style cues from Andersen’s cynical heroine. 


wb1 wesbay18 wesbay19

From 1970s aviators and tinted retro frames, get your summer shade style from Adrien Brody in The Darjeeling Limited or Willem Dafoe and the rest of the nautical bunch in The Life Aquatic


wesbay13 wesbay14 wesbay15

Top off your Wes Anderson collection with memorabilia from this aesthetically-pleasing films: retro posters, books on Wes’ style, film character accessories, and the vinyl soundtracks for your new record player—all with that Wes Anderson charm.


Perfect Your Retro Beach Style By Shopping These Iconic Films From Our New ebay Collection

Shop our new ebay collection to score looks inspired by our favorite classic summer films with style worth emulating, and track down the very best bathing suits, sunglasses, posters, and soundtracks to truly immerse yourself in the world of these movies. Take a look, shop around, and get ready for summer.


SUN-DAPPLED FRENCH RIVIERA CHIC: Otto Premminger’s Bonjour Tristesse

Kick back on the beach in French Riviera Chic with tortoise shell cat eye shades, denim chambray  inspired Otto Preminger’s 1968 Cinemascope beauty.


 ebay2 ebayy1ebayy


EFFORTLESS 1980s BEACH BABE: Eric Rohmer’s Pauline at the Beach

Slap on some Chanel shades and slip into a retro polka-dotted swimsuit to convey an effortless ’80s beach babe. 




TOUSLED, BEACHSIDE BARDOT: Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt

Serve your best Bardot in a vibrant, mod bikini with a matching beach towel to boot.


ebay5 ebayy3 ebay_meprismove


KITSCHY SURF SIDE GLAMOUR: Robert Lee King’s Psycho Beach Party

Get kitschy with retro cat-eye shades and a vintage airbrushed surfboard.

psycho beach



ROMANCE ON THE RUN CHIC: Jean-Luc Godard’s Pierrot Le Fou

A light, striped red dress and vintage spaghetti string tumblers will make you feel tres chic in the blistering summer heat. 


 ebaynew1 ebayy2ebayyy1



Bucket hats and simple swimwear are the perfect sun-kissed style to emulate this classic.


ebay11 ebay12  ebay19


RETRO PREPPY POISE: Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr. Ripley  

Get preppy at exclusive pool clubs this summer with vintage horn-rimmed glasses and white Ralph Lauren shorts.


 ebay13 eyeglasses1ebayy5


VINTAGE BEACHSIDE ELEGANCE: Fred Zinnemann’s From Here to Eternity

Convey elegance on stretches of white-sand beaches in a classic black halter swimsuit laying on a Pucci beach towel like Bert Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, and Sinatra…


ebay15 ebayy6ebay_eternity2


1960s NAUTICAL NOSTALGIA: René Clément’s Purple Noon

Stripes, texture and color pop for a nautical nostalgic look ​ from the devastatingly handsome Alain ​Delon. 


 ebay16ebay_purple2 Ebay_purple1



Dustin Hoffman made Mrs. Robinson swoon in vintage shades and a ’60s swimsuit.


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How to Throw a Hot Summer Kick-Off Party

Heat up your summer kick-off party with a refreshingly spicy SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeño Vodka cocktail and the perfect playlist.

We’ve been ready to come out of hibernation for a while, and finally the weather is cooperating with our plans for a summer kick-off party. To get things started with rooftop celebrating, BlackBook writers Felicity Sargent and Mark Molle are sharing what it takes to throw the ultimate party, down to the details in playlist and cocktails (like the kick of jalapeño in grapefruit flavored vodka, courtesy of SVEDKA).

There’s nothing like a dresser drink to get things started — you know, the cocktail you make to get in the mood while you’re getting the party ready. Enter the SVEDKA Dog Bite.

2 parts SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeño
4 parts grapefruit juice
1 slice jalapeño

Pour SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeño into a salt-rimmed rocks glass filled with ice. Top with grapefruit juice and stir. Garnish with a slice of jalapeño.

svedka_cocktail1_blackbook Svedka_cocktail2_blackbook svedka_cocktail3_blackbook

Next up: Tunes.

“A properly structured party playlist should naturally correspond with the three acts of a properly structured party. Let’s go ahead and pretend that we are spinning somewhere subterranean circa the late aughts,” our hosts say.

  1. The Introduction: “This is when revelers enter and prepare to cross the threshold into the party world.” (Talking Heads through The Drums)
  2. Total party immersion: “When revelers immerse themselves more and more in the party world and the party stakes rise and rise and rise until the party becomes their only world.” (The Pixies through MGMT)
  3. The beginning of the end. (Peter Bjorn and John through M83)


This next cocktail, Paloma Picante, takes center stage once the playlist is settled and guests start to filter in.

1 1/2 parts SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeño
3/4 part grapefruit juice
1/2 part fresh lime juice
1/2 part simple syrup
1 slice de-seeded jalapeño
lemon-lime soda


Combine ingredients, except lemon-lime soda, in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a Collins glass filled with jalapeño infused ice and top with soda. Check out how here:

Hit play, serve cocktails, and make a toast. Here’s to summer!


5 Memorial Day Weekend Outfit Ideas to Wear Now

If you’re in need of Memorial Day weekend outfit ideas, the answer is here in these five poolside-perfect looks from H&M.

Memorial Day weekend — finally it’s here, and with it, these super chic Memorial Day Weekend outfit ideas. It’s the kick-off to summer, the beginning of sun-soaked lounging and poolside fun. Are you hightailing it out of town for Memorial Day, or planning a staycation to rival the ritziest resort? Wherever you’re going, make sure to pack a swimsuit — preferably one of these tropical fever-inducing beauties. Styled with chic cover ups, sandals, and a few special accessories, these Memorial Day outfits are exactly how long weekends are supposed to look. Happy lounging — just don’t forget the SPF.

Get the above look here: Bikini, Embroidered Blouse, Shopper, and Slip-In Sandals, all H&M

Paisley-patterned dress, Sandals, Earrings, and Bikini top and bottom, all H&M 

Embroidered kimono, Straw hat, Bikini top and bottom, 2-pack hair clips, Sunglasses, all H&M

Sandals, Bikini top and bottoms, Sunglasses, Earrings, Beach towel, Swim cover up, all H&M

Sandals, Beach Towel, Short Denim Shorts, Swimsuit, Top with Sequins, Sunglasses, all H&M

Photographed by Alexander Cavaluzzo
Styled by Alyssa Shapiro