Broome Hotel

From Jean Claude lacovelli (he of his late, lamented namesake Soho restaurant), Stephane lacovelli and Vincent Biotier. Just 14 rooms, clustered around stunning, “hanging garden” courtyard – like something you might find in Aix-en-Provence. Chambers are modern but cozy – deluxe have balcony overlooking patio. No restaurant, but Soho is downstairs and Nolita, LES just a short walk. 


Mamo Le Michelangelo in Antibes is perpetual Cannes Film Festival celeb draw – Leo, Rihanna, Brad & Angelina. Owner’s son Mike Mammoliti helms this truncated Soho outpost, which is done up in classy Riviera style, white leather stools, marble bar, beamed ceiling. Dive in to risotto al tartufo, spaghetti alle vongole and flietto di manzo while rubbing shoulders with movie stars and Euro football royalty (and a Weinstein or two).

Il Principe

Architectural Digest worthy surrounds, lots of curvy dark woods and dark leather seating, gorgeous hanging garden backdrop. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Menu leans classico, fusilli with lamb ragout, ossobuco alla Milanese, polpettine di vitello, and bistecca as good as they do it in Firenze. Pop up to rooftop Bar Hugo for post-prandial cocktails and Hudson views.

Handy Liqour Bar

Cool little jazz spot under Matt Levine’s buzzy Chalk Point Kitchen. Neo-baroque style, very red and very sexy, Cocktails are retro groovy, Dizzy Julep, Drugstore Cowboy. Dedicated negroni and old fashioned menus. Raw bar ups hotness quotient.

The Ship

Little Branch gents still doing “speakeasy” thing. Gorgeous space is all elegant curvy banquettes, lots of expensive looking stone, suggestive lighting and, well, ship horns dangling from the ceiling. As expected from LB lineage, cocktails are unassailable, especially rye based Virgo Sun and gin-centric Pom Ricky. Play it fast and loose with Bartender’s Choice—if you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it.

Chalk Point Kitchen

Matt Levine, veritable Dean of LES dining, hops on over to Soho, with invitingly named Chalk Point Kitchen. Here he recruits former Southfork Kitchen and Michelin-starred chef Joe Isidori for environmentally conscious eats in cozy but buzzy confines. Indeed, it’s all farmhouse chic, with reclaimed barn wood, antique lighting and charming bric-a-brac. Menu is market driven: Maine Uni Crudo, Dayboat Chatham Codfish, Thick Cut Berkshire Pork Chop. In-house herb garden drives artisan cocktail program. A bit of New England in Manhattan.


Makes sense that Euro stomping grounds of Soho should play host to Russian pop star resto. Ariana Grinblat’s swish namesake is surprisingly classy and unshowy place to sample Quail Satsivi or Sturgeon Pelmeni, as well as craft vodkas. Though Czarist decadence comes by way of the Beluga Gold Vodka Martini, stirred with a black caviar lollipop (no, really) at a price tag of $56. Probably best not to bring up that whole Crimea thing.


IN PREVIEW. One of fashion’s oldest houses, serving as both shopping mecca and museum. Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere may be gone, but brand still nails the avant-garde high end. Motorcycle bags are all the rage and Anna Wintour is counted as a frequent customer. Sculpted-shoulder silk dress, leopard-print ballet flats, architectural men’s jackets. Under the Gucci umbrella, lux line provides a wide selection for both dreaming and drooling. Soho spot is men’s only—head across the street for the ladies.


Appointment-only, hour-long guided shopping experience. Second showroom for interwebs legend. Professional guide offers fitting expertise for trousers, shirts, and suits—the consummate personal shopping experience for the man who swore he’d never use it. Whole array of colorful chinos, T’s, superior-fit pants. All selections shipped to your door next-day. Also, beer.